Full arch scan strategy




  • Bartlomiej Bernat

    Sorry but strategy for upper jaw shown on video is in reverse that is actually shown on diagram.

    It seems after occlusal goes buccal but on diagram it is showing occlusal -> lingual/palatal. What is official strategy for maxilla?

    I do not fully understand why bite taking procedure was shown here not completed? It seems having grey bite scan it is still not reliably aligned, in this way users may have mislead information it is enough and going to "green" is not actually required.

    Please contact me in case you have questions about those remarks.



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  • Joonmo Yang

    Hello Bartlomiej Bernat,

    My name is Joonmo, and I'm managing help center contents.

    Thank a lot for your feedback about this article. The official strategy is scanning from the occlusal > lingual > buccal side for both maxilla and mandible. And the misleading parts of the bite-taking procedure have been revised.

    Thanks for your patience.


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